Progress Snapshots

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So close yet so far

One more week, or so they say until we have keys in our possession. Boy has it been a crazy past week organising for this all important walk through. Calls to the builder, the bank, insurance companies and other trades we are lining up to do work on the place as soon as the keys are ours. We have our floor coverings down now, tiles and carpet. The house is sitting there waiting to be lived in. The most frustrating part is now. The paperwork before the fun. I just want it now. Even if its just to move our stuff in, not just living in it. Just having our stuff in the house and being about to spend time in the house will satify my hunger for wanting to be in. Can't wait!!!


  1. you'r so close!!! congrats guys, its looking fantastic! i like the carpet choices!

  2. We know the feeling. Only ours is still needing a heap of work ahead of our PCI in 2 days (including render). Fingers crossed it goes smoothly for you. The anticipation is the worst thing about this whole process.

  3. Tingling tingling excitement. :D so close!! not long to go :D