Progress Snapshots

Friday, August 26, 2011

The roof, The roof, The roof is on..... Yep, its on!

Yep, our roof tiles are on! Twas a slow start to the week, nothing happening, then come Thursday, we had the eves being put in, which made us think that would be all we would be getting this week. Then this morning, we had a very nice surprise in the morning when Nat drove past and saw pallets of roof tiles and roofers on the roof! This afternoon saw our home with a roof full of tiles and only one row of capping left to do! Top effort! I'll be finding out on monday what Beechwood have planned for our house next week!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Put a Fascia (and Gutter) to the name

Apologies for the delay in information in the last week. I have found myself in a new job more than an hour away from the build so I'm now unable to get day to day updates! Bummer I know, But here is the low-down on the happenings in the last week.

From my last post they have (almost) completed the bricking. I say almost as they actually ran out of bricks and are awaiting a shipment of one more pallet to finish the pillars in the garage. Aside from that it's all bricked up. The fascias and gutters were delivered and put on late last week and we have been told that the bricking will be completed at the begining of next week and that the tiles will be delivered and started next week also!

Hoping that this means that we're still on track for the end of November. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Would you like bricks with that?

BOOM! 1 day after the framing was complete we had bricks delivered and started. These photos are of 2 days work from our awesome "son of superman" brick layers! One half of the house is bricked up to the windows and the other side is up to the flashing. With another 2 days of solid bricklaying, we could potentially see 60% - 70% of our house bricked. Bring on more solid walls!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Up up and away!

Well, isn't it just about time that our frames went up! From my count (and memory) I believe that is almost 3 weeks of waiting for these frames to create the very structure that will be our home. We had 3 false starts, 1 two weeks ago, 1 last week and 1 that was meant to be yesterday, but no, the carpenter got held up at another job, AGAIN! Finally though, we had 5 guys on our block first thing to whip up the frames, and whip up they did!

The house went from a slab with bundles of prebuilt frames to a shell of a house in about 9 hours. Halfway through that, I had rocked up to check it all out and ran into the supervisor whom is still confident in us receiving a christmas present from beechwood and that the bricking SHOULD begin at some stage next week! I will continue to have my fingers crossed there. Supervisor reckons that the framing should be finished saturday (if the guys work the saturday) if not monday so should have some finished product photos up then.