Progress Snapshots

Friday, August 26, 2011

The roof, The roof, The roof is on..... Yep, its on!

Yep, our roof tiles are on! Twas a slow start to the week, nothing happening, then come Thursday, we had the eves being put in, which made us think that would be all we would be getting this week. Then this morning, we had a very nice surprise in the morning when Nat drove past and saw pallets of roof tiles and roofers on the roof! This afternoon saw our home with a roof full of tiles and only one row of capping left to do! Top effort! I'll be finding out on monday what Beechwood have planned for our house next week!


  1. Thanx!! We are excited to see it all coming together now :) Hoping its finished for xmas!!!
    How are u guys travelling?? Ive noticed heaps of action and homes popping up down your end of the street!