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Sunday, September 4, 2011

How shocking

Twas an interesting week on the Durham homestead site. Had the roof tiles and the ridge capping completed at the beginning of the week which was exciting to see. Got told that the electrical rough in was booked in for the end of the week which stirred the pot a bit (in a good way). Had to meet the electrician on site to go through some last minute changes of placement and at the same time ran into the site supervisor. I love running into the site supervisor. The man always gives me good and uplifting news!

The Brick cleaners were booked in for friday, the roof rail was coming down, and the insulation is to be done next week with the gyprock to be fitted the week after. Come saturday morning, the roof rails were indeed removed, the bricks inside the garage were sparkling clean and there is now webs of electrical wire everywhere.
Can't wait for next weekend when our house turns yellow with insulation installed!

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