Progress Snapshots

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fully Padded

What a turn around in a week. My hat goes off to our supervisor this week. Very informative, on top of most things (with some constant reminding from me) and making the tradies get some serious work done. We've gone from having half our roof removed, half the wiring ripped out and the plumbing cut into pieces to the house back to normal and now insulated within 3 days! Amazing what can be done with a little pressure. We had council approve whats been done so far so it is definately full steam ahead!

I have been told that the gyprock will be completed before the weekend, kitchen fitted and doors on next week and fitout the week after. Our visions of being in for christmas have been brightened again!

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  1. Unfortunatly this is one of those times we can actually say i know how you feel, only in our case, it was the bricks coming off not the roof. I have my fingers crossed for you, that this will be the last of your drama. It is such a horrible thing when builders take away the excitement by making inexcusable mistakes.