Progress Snapshots

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slow and steady wins the race

We've had a very slow couple of weeks with council hold ups (if only the builder did it right in the first place). In the mean time, we were told by the tile supplier that our bathroom floor tile and mosaic was discontinued, so we had to go back and re-select some of our tiles for the house. Along with the 2 sets of tiles, we also changed our patio/alfresco tile from white to grey, mainly because we have decided to go with a dark colour driveway to match our dark roof, so we figure we'll match the patio to it all, plus the fact that the white will get absolutely filthy very quickly.

Throughout the process so far, we've been trying to stay on top of things by getting certain items along the way for when we're ready to move in. For example:
  • We've decided to go with a mirrored splash back in the kitchen to make the space feel larger. Getting quotes for this at the moment.
  • We've purchased our kitchen tap:
  • Our front up/down lights: (Went with a square light as our front door handle is of the same shape, the omni trilock)

  • Our front hallway light:
  • Our Theatre Light:


  1. omg what's happened with council? i hope everything is okay?....

    Love your kitchen tap and front door handle, we have chosen the same ones!

  2. We must hav great taste ;) When i first saw that door handle on a display home.. Had to hav it!! :)
    We have failed our inspection from council and beechwood seem to think its ok to leave the house to sit with no trades on site and seem to be in no hurry to be fixing councils problems!! We were told 3 weeks ago that insulation would start and each week since then its been pushed back! Very frustrating! Council says that the things they have noted all up should take half a day to fix then they need to come back out and re-inspect.
    Fingers crossed this week we see some progress!
    Congrats on your beautiful slab!!! :) :) Ur block is powering along!!!