Progress Snapshots

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drain away the work!

Yet again in fine form are the beechwood crew. The internal plumbing was done today, not that there was much to do really. Given the timeline we should have some reo in the next day or so then grey goodness on Friday or Monday which makes me smile from ear to ear! What doesn't make me smile is having to get rid of yet another load of dirt from the block. The stuff isn't cheap to begin with, having to pay just as much or more to remove it is insane! However left with the problem of "where to put it in the mean time" and "will I even need this much" plays on my mind and eventually wins. So if anyone needs free fill, contact me yesterday because it will be gone by the day before.
Plus side though, workers have a dunny!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking Shape

This has to be some sort of record! Bright and early this morning, Nat drives past the block and it was like ants around food. Tradies everywhere. I took a drive at lunch to see what was happening and I'm met with 2 guys on what did not look like what our block was like a few hours ago. Pictures below of their progress in a day of doing the edge boards for the slab. Well on our way to a slab by weeks end. All rests on the plumber doing his thing on time! We'll keep you posted!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally some more action!

Well, we have finally received some progress this week with the plans being finalised (thought thats what we signed for when we signed the contract) and the piering being completed. Got the call the day before to book in the time to check the depths of the piers so they can prove they aren't tipping us off. Concrete was poured in that afternoon, so it was a busy day on the Durham block. Met the site supervisor for the first time. Nice guy, looking forward to getting along with him and getting our house built on time. He was very confident that we'll be in for christmas. Remains to be seen of course but time will tell. His first short term timelines is that we'll have slab poured in a week. Fingers crossed.