Progress Snapshots

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally some more action!

Well, we have finally received some progress this week with the plans being finalised (thought thats what we signed for when we signed the contract) and the piering being completed. Got the call the day before to book in the time to check the depths of the piers so they can prove they aren't tipping us off. Concrete was poured in that afternoon, so it was a busy day on the Durham block. Met the site supervisor for the first time. Nice guy, looking forward to getting along with him and getting our house built on time. He was very confident that we'll be in for christmas. Remains to be seen of course but time will tell. His first short term timelines is that we'll have slab poured in a week. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hey guys, looking gooood... howd you go with the piering? how many LM did you guys need?

  2. Hello hello!!! We had 70 piers and our tender allowed for 70 metres, we had 76 metres total so luckily only 6 metres over!!! The supervisor said the block is sitting on a shelf of shale so they didnt need to dig down too far to hit something solid! Hopefully its the same down your end of the street! :)
    We are so excited at the moment!!

  3. How is everything goin with u guys??

  4. WOW!!! congrats guys weldone! piering is such an unknown thing and now its totally out of the way for you guys and you know exactly how much you have to ACTUALLY pay... only 6 over is a great outcome, fantastic!

    As for us lol, originally they gave us 70lm but boosted it up after the soil report came back to 90lm based on 1.4m piers... since we're on the same street "surely" we'll be on the same bed of shale =P FINGERS CROSSED! apart from that we're just about to submit to the ponds panel... if you dont mind me asking; did you guys get approved first time re your landscape plan and FSR etc?

  5. Yeh we were stoked it was only 6 over, we were on site holding our breath as they checked the levels but like u said, at least thats the only variable and its done now :)
    Ill hav my fingers crossed for you during your piering!!!
    We did our own landscape plan and we were lucky to pass first submission. Our plan pretty much just followed their guidelines, we kept it really simple. Good luck with yours! Im actually dreading the landscape part of the build ;)