Progress Snapshots

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A long time coming...

It has been around 4 months since our last post and for good reason: DELAYS. We were delayed by the bank, by the builder and finally both parties pulled their fingers out and got our building contract began at the beginning of May! We have been intently watching the block for something to happen to be able to make a post, AND WE FINALLY HAVE SOME ACTION! A little more than We bargained for actually, but first the good news from it all. Our block excavated:

Now for the disturbing news. The majority of you know that most builders have a clause that they must start within 28 days. Our action happened 19 days in... great.... we know, but the builder notified us (after calling and emailing them a few times) that the site supervisor would be picking up the excavation plans the day after it was actually done and that it would be happening about a week after that!

The last thing We have heard is that an email on Friday afternoon came through from the builder stating that there was a mix up with information and we have been dealing with the completely wrong site supervisor and customer service Representative. Hmmm, what a start hey? The builder themselves don't even know whats happening. Hope the block plans are actually ours! (The outline is right.... only thing to go by at the moment!)

We'll be in touch. Shouldn't be that long between updates now!


  1. hey there fellow smart lotters! looking forward to seeing how many piers you'll require!
    Good luck

  2. Yay!!! Love havin a fellow smart lotter to chat to! Im a tad nervous bout piers, concreters should be gettin the plans this week so will hopefully see more action again soon :)