Progress Snapshots

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Put a Fascia (and Gutter) to the name

Apologies for the delay in information in the last week. I have found myself in a new job more than an hour away from the build so I'm now unable to get day to day updates! Bummer I know, But here is the low-down on the happenings in the last week.

From my last post they have (almost) completed the bricking. I say almost as they actually ran out of bricks and are awaiting a shipment of one more pallet to finish the pillars in the garage. Aside from that it's all bricked up. The fascias and gutters were delivered and put on late last week and we have been told that the bricking will be completed at the begining of next week and that the tiles will be delivered and started next week also!

Hoping that this means that we're still on track for the end of November. Fingers crossed!


  1. We have a gutter and fascia too.... :) Our tiles are delivered and we are hoping that they will be put on for the top of the second storey this week.... So exciting.

  2. Oh yay!! Fingers crossed the rain stays away and we both get some great roofing progress!! Do u think u guys will be done for xmas?

  3. We aren't sure. If we don't get the roof on before the end of August, there will be no chance. At the moment, there's only a very slim chance, if everything falls into place. The problems with a custom designed, double storey home. It will be great for you guys though, end of November. Sounds great to me :)