Progress Snapshots

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What a Great Fit

Two great men graced out home at the end of the week, Mr. Electrician and Mr. Plumber. These men have transformed the inside, quite surprising, from a building site to an (almost) complete home. All powerpoints, phone points, aerial sockets, gas points, shower heads, toilets and the alarm we're put in which amazingly gives the house this "finished" feel. Its really quite the feeling. Tiles for the hallways and family room have been delivered and awaiting the tiler to return to lay them, then we need the carpet to be laid and the maintenance crew to hit all of the minor items and this baby is ours! The maintenance crew has some work to do with the painting... If you notice in some of the photos, someone (not sure if it was the supervisor or not) has been VERY particular and gone over the entire house marking all the paint defects in the house. Not that i'm complaining, means the final product will be perfect, but boy-o-boy, I'd had to be the one to fix it up. Its going to be insanely tedious.

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