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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Luck is on our side

Things could not go any better for us with the house in the last week. The tiler was due to finish his work on wednesday and we were told he wasn't and things would be pushed back and the painting would be starting the week after. With that in mind we turn up to the house hoping to see a finished alfresco area and front porch. we weren't dissapointed. The alfresco area was indeed finished as was the front porch, and to find once looking through the windows that painters have already begun, and in a big way! Ceillings and walls looked to at least have 1 to 2 coats on with most doors being painted and the external was almost finished.

On top of the world at this point, just as we are leaving, a massive truck rolls up of front of our place to our surprise, to clean up the front yard. Had a good long chat to the guys, with a coke and a case of beer and some quick work moving some bricks we wanted kept and removal of the fence later, they helped us out in leveling out the majority of the block and knocking out one massive mount of dirt we had on one side of the property. If we weren't there, we would have lost all the bricks we needed for the letterbox, and I would have had to fork out for someone to do the work they did just because they were there. Very nice guys and now the block looks almost livable! Getting very exciting now as if they keep on this hot streak they are on with the work being done, we are DEFINITLY looking at the end of november!

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