Progress Snapshots

Friday, December 2, 2011

Open says me!

WELL, what a day, what a week! It was certainly a push to get to this point, but lets start at the beginning shall we? Start of the week consisted of getting the builder to actually confirm a walkthrough date and time so we could get time off work from our bosses. A struggle in itself of course. This wasn't set in stone until wednesday afternoon. In the mean time, bugging the builder for the final progress payment invoice to be able to give to the bank to get them moving. Again, this didn't get to me until wednesday, after many emails and phone calls requesting it and sorting out loose ends with the builder. Then dealing with the bank to sort out all the paperwork that they needed, going through all the checklists for them to be able to release the funds. Told that this probably wont happen until early next week.

BUT of course this didn't fly with me. With walkthrough on Friday (today), I was determined to also settle on the same day, so I got to work. Talking with the builder to make sure all was good on the house on walk through day to have it to a standard that would allow us to handover also on the same day could be described as interesting, however, that description just doesn't cut it. With the seed in their minds set that we were going to hand over today, I got to work on the bank. Pushing the point that I wanted handover today, The bank needed to organise the valuer to value the property to give the go ahead to release the documents, the task of giving all the documentation the bank needed from us to do so, certificate of currency, authorisation from us to release funds as well as additional credits to specific accounts, and council approvals. Wouldn't say that this was a walk in the park the day before handover.

Friday morning, 9am, outside our house that was about to become our home. Checklist for the day:
  1. Walk through and pick the crap out of it. Check.
  2. Confirm with bank that I successfully pushed and a bank cheque would be waiting at the bank. Check.
  3. Go to bank and pickup the cheque. Check but this was not without problems in itself. It just had to be the day that they had a problem with their system and that it wouldn't let them print the cheque out, when it was only 30 minutes until our appointment with the builder for settlement... which was 40 minutes away.
  4. Arrive at Beechwood head office, 15 minutes late, 20 minutes before office lockdown with supervisor meeting. Nail biting finish. Check
  5. Exchange tiny cheque with big value on it for some shiny new keys.... CHECK.
SUCCESS. Walk through and handover in a day. Took many hours on the phone this week and some grovelling and wind being blown up many asses, but it all paid off in the end.

And now begins the very fun task of moving in. Yet another scrammble took place after this to find a truck at 3pm on friday afternoon for saturday pickup... SCORE! Got lucky on the 4th call. Landscaper startes next week. SCORE. By end of next week it should be like we've been there for weeks and HOPEFULLY by christmas we should have the construction site turned into a very good looking property!


  1. WOO HOO! Congratulations........ I'm so thrilled for you. We are set to move in next weekend. Enjoy living your dream :)

  2. WOWWW!!! good on you for pushing!!! congrats you guys! what an exciting feeling that must be! so happy for you, fellow smart lotters! hehehe :D

    Did you guys have to do a private inspection before handover? it wasnt needed by your builder? im still not sure how this whole process goes at the end?

  3. OMG this was a delight to read! love your ambition to get to handover and have it all checked off!
    Awesome work and congratulations :D what an inspiration!

  4. Thanx guys, we had such a big weekend moving. Will prob keep unpacking during the week and have next weekend as our first night. Its so fun finding new homes for everything although im sure my kitchen, laundry and linen cupboards will be re-arranged a few times before im happy ;)
    We didnt get a private inspection, both pur dads have engineering backgrounds and have kept an eye on things, our bank didnt need it so we didnt worry. All the bank needed was final invoice, interim occupancy certificate and a certificate that showed we had house insurance. They also had a valuer inspect the house before settlement. Its such a daunting process when you havent done it before! We just kept asking questions, reading forums and making phonecalls to get the info we needed.
    Its so awesome to roam around inside without trades or SS, we LOVE it!!! :)

  5. Congrats on the keys.

    We are a little nervous about only having an inspection same day as handover but your story has settled my nerves(just slightly).

    The house looks great! Enjoy the unpacking!