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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The waiting game

Well, we've now been told that the frames will be delivered next week, however the chippies won't be able to start until the week after due to a backlog of work.... this will at least allow the slab to cure for a good 3 weeks before heavy activity hits it. Got to find a positive somewhere ;).

On a lighter note, as you guys can probably notice, I'm starting to make some changed to the blog when I get the chance. I feel bad since I am a web developer and the blog is just a stock standard template. Hard to get motivated to do something I do 10 hours a day already. Anyway, I've whipped up a quick little script at the top of the page basically giving a snapshot of the progress so far. Hovering over it will give you the date and description of the photo and clicking them will enlarge the photo and give you the ability to scroll along, giving an almost flipboard effect. A bit of fun and something different. More functionality to come, and Nats bugging me for a personal look. Thats my next job!

Back soon!

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