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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maze of Pipes

Been quiet for a bit... This is due to a delay in the external plumbing on our block. Was initially booked in for last Friday, then got told that the plumber has been held up on another job that took longer than expected. Emailed beechwood last night to find out when it would be getting done and I get an email at 5:30pm this afternoon saying that all she knew was that it was going to be sometime this week and that she would check with the superviser about its progress.

Luckily Nat had driven past this morning on the way to work to see that the plumber was infact on our block this morning and I went over this afternoon (before I got the email from beechwood) and took some shots and to check out the layout of the pipes.

All in all i'm quite happy with the positions of the downpipes around the house with all but 1 being down both sides of the house, one is on the back wall. I have seen some shockers around where a downpipe is on a front piler infront of the door. I don't know if there is a reason behind that, but I don't see any, which makes me think someone stuffed up there because its not the best of looks.

The nice plumber even smoothed some of out dirt out at the back, which I was wanting to do anyway, so that saved us a few dollars. Still have a fair amount to remove though.

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