Progress Snapshots

Monday, July 4, 2011

Its Grey Goodness Baby!

Well, right on schedule, 8am we had the concretors pouring the beautiful grey goodness onto our block. By lunch they were smoothing it out and taking the surround boards away and by the time I arrived at 5pm, they were all packed up and we have our solid foundations ready to go for Timber Lovin'! Give it a week or so to cure and hopefully in that time the frames will be delivered and we'll have the house taking shape in no time. Unsure as to when they plan on having the external plumbing completed, hopefully wometime this week if we're lucky!

On target for having our christmas present from beechwood!


  1. MY MY MY What a good lookin slab you've got there!! ;P

  2. Why thank you!! We think it's pretty hot right now!! Could do with some timber frame accessories!!! :)