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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Garden Gnomes have been working hard

Our home has been finished for a few months now and we have loved every bit of the moving process and making this house or home. What lacked was looking outside the windows or when rolling up to the house. The outside looked like a mudpile. Can't think of anything worse when in a brand new home having to trample through ankle deep mud after a down pour of rain!

So with our frustrations growing by day, especially with the amount of rain we have had in previous months, we pushed our garden gnomes (the landscapers) to get our mudpit to turn into a luscious green scape that both looks good from most windows and give the street appeal we were after. I think they succeeded.

We now have a backyard with growing screen across the back and a nice big, flat area for our little puppy to run circles on, as well as a nice area to overlook while alfrescoing. Connecting this down the side of the house is the extension of the charcoal coloured concrete driveway. Either side of the driveway has a gardenbed full of Cordalines and hedge plants. The gardenbed infront of the house is raised on a curving retaining wall lined with charcoal masonry bricks. Our nice green shademaster buffalo grass covers the rest of the areas that were once brown sludge commonly known as dirt.

Rolling home from work now is quite the pleasure, seeing new shoots of growth on the hedge plants, seeing the grass grow just slightly more than the day before. The knowledge that the following weekend, an hour or two will need to be spend in carefully maintaining the area to look crisp and pristine then enjoying a beer after it while giving it a good water (not that it needs to happen often with this rain).

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