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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tiling the way

We haven't been very active in the last few weeks for a number of reasons. Firstly, nothing much has happened. The Skirting has since gone on and some minour things have been delivered. The brick cleaning has been done, but apart from that, Its been quiet. Secondly, since we've been locked out and most things are now happening on the inside, we can't see somethings being done, the bathrooms for example.

All that changed today. We were going out just to look through the windows to see if any real progress had happened, and found a ute parked outside with the front door wide open. I couldn't jump out of the car quick enough to get in to look around since its almost been 4 weeks since we were last inside. The tiler was there. He had started this morning and had already done the shower recess', blocked up the bath and started putting down the flooring in the main bathroom. He was a nice guy, had a bit of a chat, he told us that he expects to be finished by the end of the week, so keen eyes will be watching throughout the week on his progress.

Supervisor is still betting his life that we'll have keys by the end of November. I really do hope he's right. With Tradies like the titler today, it will put up a fighting chance for it to happen.

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