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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Block Progress

In the weeks that followed, our land release area was registered on schedule as well as settlement taking place making our block officially ours ;).

Getting documents ready to submit to the ponds board was up next, with all the requirements involved in allowing the plans to go through, alot of thought had to go into planning out the landscape plan. (We will add this in a later post.) We were fortunate enough to get approved on our first application within 3 weeks of beechwood  submitting it and we were off to the council. Due to the christmas period and some lazyness coming back to work after new years, which was sorted out with 6 rather heated phone calls to the council, we had approval from them with no problems on our side of things in 6 weeks!

Now currently waiting for beechwood to finalise their documents and draw up the contract for our build. Selections of tiles, carpet, paint and all other interior accessories are in the process of being selected. Updates as soon as they arise!

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